Woodbridge Style Trestle Table from Reclaimed Oak

I am continuing with a theme of solidly built, functional but stylish furniture that allows the wood to stand on its own, create a textural element, and tell a story.  As reclaimed lumber becomes a more popular media for building contemporary furniture, artisans are leaving the wood unfinished (no stain or sealer) so that the reclaimed look of the wood is not hidden by the effects of finishing.  I have seen many examples in Restoration Hardware and Arhaus to name a few places.  I like the rough, industrial feel that the unfinished wood invokes and the untold story of its history that is left for the imagination. Yet another perfect opportunity to take advantage of the 100 year-old oak that I have been using.

Thus this project, when completed, is headed to my office with the companion Woodbridge Trestle credenza and coat rack.  It will replace two 30 year-old Steelcase desks that look as good as they day they were made, with all of the style and character of a metal cargo carrier.

In this blog entry you will find the pictorial process for the construction of the Woodbridge Trestle Desk. Dimensions, a material listing and construction details will follow in a later update.


The original concept before the stretcher design was modified

The Craftsman-styled Woodbridge Trestle table…


Table top constructed of finished 2×6 stock after planning, joining, and edging


One of two Trestle Style Legs that will support the 100 lbs. top

20140112_130057 20140112_130159


Underside of the trestle table after installing the modified stretcher


The finished product prior to applying a wash of ebony stain and mineral spirits

IMG_0823 IMG_0824  IMG_0830

Although this project does not strictly adhere to the traditional Craftsman style design and construction, it does borrow or recreate a number of those elements.  If you are interested in Craftsman Style furniture and construction techniques, check out the “Great Book of Shop Drawings for Craftsman Furniture, Revised Edition: Authentic and Fully Detailed Plans for 57 Classic Pieces” by Robert W. Lang, available on Amazon.com.  The publisher claims that this references is the best and most complete Craftsman Style resource available, compiled by the author following years of detailed study of actual pieces.


Desk and Credenza in the Office

One thought on “Woodbridge Style Trestle Table from Reclaimed Oak

  1. While it might make a fine desk, I think it would be better donated to Herndon Centennial Golf course where we could all enjoy it with a few cold miller lites after a round.

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