Wormy Chestnut Workbox

My friend Travis  (http://shoestringrestoration.com/) sent me an email one day to say he left some wood that he thought was wormy chestnut on my front porch.  IMG_0203He told me that, “It was a little bit rough and was odd and ends and if I didn’t want it, he would come by and pick it up”.  Wormy chestnut?  No problem, I will take what ever you have.


I wanted to build a machinist’s work chest but just didn’t have enough salvaged lumber to complete the project so I just laid out the lumber I had and worked out a plan to maximize the material.  I was able to plane the mismatched wood, remove the burn and rot and end up with enough board-feet to complete a 20″x18x11″ work box.

I still have enough scraps left to build a tray for the inside and hope to get to it sooner than later.IMG_0202

It was great to make the most of some lumber that is becoming harder and harder to find.   (to be continued)…..IMG_0201

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