So what are the Sawdust Files….

Since I was a kid (still am), I have been pounding nails or whatever I could find into pieces of wood with the goal of achieving some vision, whether it was a go-kart, a bookshelf, or some type of stereo speaker box.  Most of my creations were not extravagant but were always functional and normally lasted until I repurposed the wood for another project or big idea.

Many years later, I have been fortunate to have the curiosity, space and the resources to continue to build things that came into my mind, or things that I saw and liked, or things that I needed.  Frankly, I have built or remodeled so many things in the past decades that I have forgotten most, until some image or event reminds me of the project.  Then I try to remember the circumstances and details or try to relay those details to a captive listening friend.

Recently, I decided to collect what records, pictures, and recollections that I have and put them in a single location, mostly for my own benefit but also to share with others.  This is especially true of collaborative projects that I have done that rarely give credit to those who were involved.

The Sawdust Files is that collection.  The only requirements for a project to be posted on this site are the pictures, words, and time (and forethought) to record the effort and describe the purpose.  You will find woodworking, remodeling, and creative construction projects here.

Most of the projects are more art than they are craftsmanship. I (we) rarely work from plans, mostly just ideas, concepts, and bar napkins sketches.  I often say that we “take what the wood gives us” and go “wherever it takes us”.  You won’t find craftsman’s masterpieces here, just simple pieces and designs that reflect the vision of fulfilling the goal for practicality and usefulness.

If you take the time to peruse the projects, I hope you enjoy what you find and perhaps become inspired to start your own project.

Thanks for stopping by.  I always welcome comments, questions and suggestions.

Tod Kerr

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